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There are different types of the classic erosion control blanket made of coir in the iGGmat coir product series. They all have a fiber layer of coir and are stitched either on one or both sides with a backing made of PP-netting or jute fabric, as well as a PP- or jute-fiber. All iGGmat coir products can also be supplied as seeded blankets. In this case a carrying paper with seeds is stitched to the fiber cover.

iGGmat coir is used on areas at risk of erosion with up to 40° slope (1:1.2) for temporary erosion control. The lifetime of the iGGmat coir is up to 36 months. It depends on the conditions of the location, the soil, water and climatic conditions as well as the risk of erosion on-site. iGGmat coir products are up to 100 % biodegradable.

Placing the iGGmat coir is done on a prepared and, if necessary, seeded area. The erosion control blanket must lie completely flat on the soil with no cavities. The individual strips must be placed perpendicular to the slope of the embankment, next to each other over the entire area. Overlapping on the vertical longitudinal joints should be about 10 cm and on the transverse joints about 10- 20 cm. The open edge of the overlap must be away from the predominant wind direction. Transverse joints must basically overlap from top to bottom. The top and bottom ends of the erosion control mat must be dug into the top and bottom of the slope approx. 10–20 cm deep and fastened afterwards. Fastening is done using iGGfix U-shaped fixing pins or iGGfix wooden fixing pins.

iGGmat coir cover netting thread seeds*
25 g/m²
K-100-P2-PF-350 100 % coir fiber PP PP no
K-100-P2-PF-S-400 100 % coir fiber PP PP yes
K-100-J2-JF-450 100 % coir fiber jute jute no
K-100-J2-JF-S-500 100 % coir fiber jute jute yes
Optiona: Substrate (100 g/m²)


* All orders for iGGmat coir with a minimum quantity of over 1000 m² may also be delivered as seeded blankets. Hand seeding with iGGvital products is recommended for smaller areas. For significantly larger areas, we recommend hydroseeding (iGGpower) and iGGvital products.

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