Road construction

Modern road construction is closely linked to erosion control. Embankment, trenches railway dams and river banks are all highly susceptible to erosion immediately after their completion, since they are not yet protected by the vegetation from wind and water erosion.

These issues are addressed by the use of erosion control blankets and erosion control textiles. Both products are made from renewable raw materials such as coir, straw or jute and guarantee an optimal erosion protection of non-vegetated areas. In addition, they offer the growing plants protection and support them in their growth. Thus, a complete vegetation cover is formed in the shortest possible time.

Hydroseeding is recommended for particularly steep or stony slopes. During hydroseeding, a special machine, the so-called HydroSeeder, is used to spray a mixture consisting of various components on the target areas.

The carrier medium is water which is enriched with mulching materials, soil additives, fertilizers, adhesives and seeds. This mixture protects the soil from erosion and drying out until the grass and plants have grown.

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Noise and visual protection in road construction

Noise and visual protection in road construction has become increasingly important in recent years. This rethinking is due to the growing awareness about the negative health implications of excessive noise. Meanwhile, adequate noise protection is oftentimes required by law. Therefore care is taken that traffic routes are optically and acoustically seperated from buildings, in particular residental areas.

Gabions can be constructed either with a natural stone filling or as noise protection wall with an inner core made of concrete or another suitable sound-reducing material.

For targeted noise control and the adequate construction of noise protection systems it is necessary to analyze the causes, properties and the effects of sound events, since a combination of gabions with other noise and visual protection measures - such as an earth wall - may be required.

Should visual protection be the main concern, using the iGGgab ABACUS stone-fence system is recommended because this system can be easily expanded thanks to its modular priciple. For this reason, the system has become a popular enclosure for residential areas, hospitals, swimming pools and sports facilities.

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