No matter if you are looking for erosion control blankets and textiles, fertilizer, additives and machines for hydroseeding or gabions and rock fall protection nets: You have come to the right place! As system provider iGG will help you find the right solution for your projects in greening and erosion control.

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Erosion control textiles and

iGGtecx erosion control textiles and geo-synthetics are so called "technical textiles" which will provide valuable service for you in your erosion control projects and safeguarding measures.

The organic iGGtecx textiles are made of coconut or jute fibers. In contrast to our erosion control blankets, the fields of application for our iGGtecx textiles are non-cohesive, stony or loamy soils as well as steep areas with a slope of more than 35 degrees. Due to these characteristics the textiles are suitable for the use on river banks and natural retention areas.

While preventing damage from erosion, the iGGtecx erosion control textiles sustain the growth of plants up to a dense vegetation cover.

The geo-synthetics of our iGGtecx product line are not designed for a direct application in erosion control. Their pp-fibers or fleeces are used for safeguarding measures like building a water-permeable barrier between backfilled soil and gabions.

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