Erosion protection

Bioengineering is an area of activity of nature conservation and landscape management. With the help of living as well as dead plants and plant parts as the most important building material, damage to landscapes, primarily damages caused by erosion, should be remedied or prevented.

Erosion control blankets and erosion control textiles are playing an important role in preventing erosion by, among other things, reducing the erosive force of the rainwater.

At the same time, erosion control blankets and textiles reduce the drying out of the soil, particularly during dry periods in the summer. This accelerates the germination process and contributes to even growth.

Since erosion control textiles as well as erosion control blankets have only a limited life span of a few months to a maximum of 5 years, they only offer temporary erosion protection. Their main purpose is to protect the embankment from the sowing until the vegetation is completely established.

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River development in bioengineering

Woven coir geotextiles may not only be used on embankments, but also for erosion protection on shorelines of rivers and standing waters.

Coir waterlogs are also frequently used to secure shorelines. Especially as precultivated rolls they ensure fast and safe plant settling. Waterlogs can be installed in several layers one above the other as well as in combination with precultivated vegetation mats or woven coir geotextiles.