iGGlog waterlogs are available in various designs for diverse purposes. Main fields of application are biological-engineering projects on water banks of still waters and streams. Furthermore, their ability to reduce the nutrient pollution of water makes them a suitable, biological alternative to chemical water cleansing.

iGGlog waterlogs are filled with natural fibers like coconut or xylit only. They can either be greened on-site or be delivered with already established plants that are tailored for your needs.

Just ask us, our experts will gladly assist you in choosing the right waterlog to meet your requirements.

The iGGlog Waterlogs are laid at the height of the mid-water line and fixed with pegs. The upper edge of the rollers can be planted with plants of the bank and reed zone. The installation can be done at any time, the planting only during the dormant vegetation period.

The installation of the iGGlog Waterlogs causes a quick repair of scouring and undercutting of embankments or riparian vegetation. The rollers can be laid in different designs:

  • in several layers on top of each other
  • in combination with coir fabric
  • at right angles to the direction of flow on a layer of brushwood with its tips extending vertically into the stream.

Non-slip knotted net tube, optionally made of high-strength, UV-resistant PP yarn or machine-twisted coir yarn. The filling is made of coconut fiber.

The iGGlog Waterlogs are laid on a level surface below or at the level of the summer low water line. The iGGlog Waterlogs are placed on a layer of brushwood and willow that is laid crosswise to the direction of the river and secured with pegs. The upper edge of the rollers is planted with 3 - 5 suitable plants of the riparian and reed zone per meter.



Weight per m
20 cm 3 m 3 - 4 kg
30 cm 3 m 8 - 9 kg
40 cm 3 m 15 - 16 kg
50 cm 3 m 24 - 25 kg

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iGGlog Waterlogs

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