Erosion control geotextile JG 500

iGGtecx JG 500 woven jute geotextile is used to secure erosion-prone slopes, plains, or other areas with low inclination (slopes with up to 10° incline). It is ideally suited whenever the risk of erosion is considered to be low due to the ground slope and the soil condition or the topgraphic location.

Through the use of iGGtecx JG 500 jute fabric, the erosive effect of the rainwater is reduced and the water retaining capacity promoted. At the same time the microclimate is improved which will promote a faster germination of the seeds. Especially in critical development stages such as dry periods or after the germination the use of iGGtecx JG 500 jute fabric can secure a sufficient water supply.

The longevity of the jute fabric is, depending on the specific local conditions, up to 12 months. iGGtecx JG 500 jute fabric consists to 100% of untreated jute yarn and is therefore completely biodegradable.

Placing the iGGtecx JG 500 jute fabric is done on a prepared area. The jute fabric must lie completely flat on the soil without any cavities. The individual strips must be placed perpendicular to the slope of the embankment, next to each other over the entire area. Overlapping on the vertical longitudinal joints should be about 10-20 cm and on the transverse joints about 20-30 cm. The open edge of the overlap must be away from the predominant wind direction. Transverse joints must basically overlap from top to bottom. The top and bottom ends of the erosion control fabric must be dug into the top and the bottom of the slope approximately 10-20 cm deep and fastened afterwards. Fastening is done using iGGfix U-shaped fixing pins or iGGwooden fixing pins.

Width per path 1,22 m
Length per path 50,00 m
Area per path 61 m²
Quantity per bale 610 m²
Gewicht pro Ballen 305 kg

*The above specifications are based on average values. Due to the nature of the fibers the products may vary in color, shape, density, weight and size in a 10 % range.

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iGGtecx JG 500

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iGGtecx JG 500