iGGvital LF liquid fertilizer

iGGvital LF is an organic slow-release liquid fertilizer (energy-bearing source of nutrients). This nutrient component is an organic sugar phosphorus amide in the form of a lquid concentrate, which is diluted with water and applied for soil amelioration as well as long-term fertilization. Nitrogen and phosphorus which is organically bound in iGGvital LF is released as ammonium and phosphate by microbial decomposition.

The organically bound phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, placed in deeper soil areas on account of liquid application, support the root growth.


Stimulation of the root growth, improvement of the soil structure and nutrient supply, activation of the soil life, increase of the buffering capacity.

Field of application

Recultivation of virgin soils, treatment of planting holes, revitalisation of lawns and forest land, pretreatment of planting areas.

Time of application

During the whole period of grass growing. On lawns in spring and autumn. For trees during time of planting.

Quantity per m²

From 60 to 80 g/m² per year in one step depending on location.


30 kg non-returnable containers on a one way pallet or 240 kg drums, or 1200 kg tanks

Type of substance

  • Organic Sugar Phosphorus Amide


  • liquid, density 1.28 g/cm³


iGGvital LF is an energetic macromolecule, based on:

   in %
N nitrogen organically bound   12.0
sugar (C5 and C6 sugar)  ---
P2O5 phosphorus  5.0
K2O potassium  6.0
pH-value  6.5


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