iGGvital HM wood-fibre mulch

iGGvital HM hydromulch consists of long wood fibers (pinewood) and is applied using a FiNN Hydroseeder®. A mixture of adhesive, like iGGvital SF or iGGvital SG, and seeds or iGGvital LF fertilizer and the iGGvital SC soil activator is sprayed on the soil at risk for erosion to form a temporary protective layer. It protects the seeds until germination starts and ensures good fixation of the seeds and the soil. The cover is a type of second skin and protects the soil from drying out as well as from water and wind erosion. iGGvital HM is biodegradable and available in two colors: green and natural.


iGGvital HM meets the three conditions for successful erosion control with hydroseeding:

1. Protection of the soil from wind and water erosion as well as sun radiation during germination and first establishment of the new vegetation. The high water absorption capacity of iGGvital HM reduces surface runoff.

2. Protection of the seeds as well as better and faster germination due to the large water storage capacity of iGGvital HM. Additionally seeds are protected from dehydration, nutrients are longer held in the top soil layer and a growth promoting microclimate is created.

3. Simple application and constant product improvement thanks to cooperative development with FiNN, the market leader in hydroseeder development. iGGvital HM is a user-friendly product that can easily be mixed with other aggregates for hydroseeding. The green colored version of iGGvital HM facilitates an even and uniform, extensive application of the spray mass and provides a visually appealing sight after completing the work until vegetation is established.

Depending on the type of soil and weather conditions, the effect of iGGvital HM lasts up to six months.


approx. 20 kg/bag (300 l according to EN 12580) or 32 bags/pallet



iGGvital HM


iGGvital HM


wood species pine pine
fiber length 2 - 6 mm 2 - 6 mm
percentage of color --- 1,0 %
organic material 95,0 % 95,0 %
inorganic material (ash) 5,0 % 5,0 %
water absorption capacity 700 % 700 %
special handling

heat treated to kill

pathogenic germs and fungi

slope inclination Ø applied quantity*
< 1:2 90 bags/ha
< 1:3 60 bags/ha
< 1:4 30 bags/ha


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