iGGsub BCF Bio Charcoal Fiber

iGGsub BCF is a black, charcoal fiber which is 0 - 20 mm and its bulk density approx. 400 g/l. The quality of iGGsub BCF is very homogeneuous and its organic matter is approx. 95 %. Due to its high C/N ratio (approx. 80 - 200:1) iGGsub BCF has a high resistance to biological degradation. This is a great advantage particular in view of the low humus content of soils. Therefore it is used to improve the quality of sandy mineral soils. iGGsub BCF is free from seeds and regenerative plant parts (e.g. rhizomes) and is also free from environmental pollutants and contaminants such as glass, metal, stone or plastic. Its salt content is very low.


iGGsub BCF can be mixed into soil or substrate. On the long term the fibers have a high structural stability. Particularly in compacted and sandy soils, the structural stability has a positiv impact on the water and air balance of the soil. The fibers have a high adsorption capacity for nutrient uptake. Fertilizers are completly available to the plants. Due to its high number of effectively binding hydroxyl and carboxyl groups iGGsub BCF has a large reversible and chemically effective binding potential for nutrients and trace elements, thus the exchange capacity is very high. Since hardly any microbially utilizable carbon sources are present, there is no nitrogen immobilization. Due to the high humin content of iGGsub BCF root growth is supported. Synergies with orcanic fertilizers promote the growth of microorganisms which are important for the soil.

Physical Parameter as delivered     
 gross density (dry) approx. 230  g/l 
 adsorptive capacity (pore volume)  85 -90  vol%
 water capacity 40 - 50 vol%
air capacity 30 - 50 vol%
shrinkage value 8 - 12 %

Chemical Parameter as delivered     
 pH-value (CaCl2) 4,5 - 5,8   
 organic matter in dry residue  96 - 99 wt% 
 salt content  < 300 mg/l

Soluble nutrients available for the plants     
 Nitrogen < 30  mg/l 
 Phosphate  < 50  mg/l
 Potassium  < 30  mg/l
Carbon 25 - 36 wt%
Nitrogen 0,2 - 0,5 wt%
C/N ratio 80 - 200:1  


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