iGGmat mulch K-100-M-600

The iGGmat mulch K-100-M-600 is a medium-weight fibermat, which consists of coconut-fibers - a degradable and renewable raw material. Its carrier material is a black PE-poremembrane with a grammage of 37.0 g/m². The surface of the membrane has 62 holes per square centimeter, which all taper at a ratio of 4 to 1. To avoid damages caused by footsteps the membrane is of high elasticity. The membrane is environmentally neutral, because it decomposes to carbon dioxide and water after a few years.

1. PP-netting

2. coir fiber

3. PE-poremembrane 2+


The iGGmat mulch should be placed over the whole area and parallel to the plantings. The mats can easily be cut with a scissor to their proper size. We recommend, that the pieces should interleave about 5-10 cm and two iGGfix wirebrackets (DBU 230 oder 150) per square meter should be used to secure the mat.


The shading prevents the soil from being parched by the wind and the sun. It has been approved that the mats can reduce evaporation up to 50 %, while they supply a microclimate, which perfectly cultivates the root growth of the plantings. Additionally the coconut-fibers provide a good heat insulation, which extends the duration of the PE-membrane.

Furthermore the iGGmat mulch K-100-M-600 protects the soil against rain, wind- and water-erosion right away, which makes it the perfect solution to stabilize steep slope plantings. The iGGmat mulch is inexpensive and will lower the maintenance costs in the long run, because it prevents the growth of undesired weeds by shading the soil. Nevertheless the permeable membrane provides an optimal water and gas supply of the covered soil.


roll width roll length  square meter
 2.40 m   42.00 m  100.8 m²


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