iGGgab ABACUS stone-fence-system

The iGGgab ABACUS stone-fence-system is a unique gabion solution, for it is the only one in the market that offers a solid appearance, without optical disruptions. (This effect is possible, because the vertical wires are only 4 mm in diameter, while the mesh size is less than 35 mm.) The wire baskets blend in with their surroundings and offer optimal noise insulation and visual protection. The lean (approx. 25 cm wide) and linear structure offers a smart method for separation, by minimum space requirements. This qualifies the iGGgab stone-fence-system for the enclosure of properties, as noise barriers, privacy covers or creative devices. Furthermore the design of the wire fence provides precious biotopes for plants and animals.


The iGGgab ABACUS is mounted directly on-site, which makes the construction fairly easy and offers a variety of possibilities in designing stone and color schemes. The special fence posts are barely visible and are placed on concrete spotfoundations. The grids are secured with sticks on both sides of the fence post. No tools are needed to mount the wire fences, for the sticks can simply be slid-in through openings at the far end of the grids. Spacers that are placed in between the grids prevent a buckling of the construction through the filling stones.


  • element length: 2.470 mm
  • fence height: 1.006 mm 1.256 mm 1.506 mm 1.756 mm 2.006 mm
  • grid blankets: 4,0 / 6,0 x 15 mm hot-dip galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461)
  • fence post profile: 250 x 70 mm hot-dip galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461)
  • fence post length: 1.500 mm 1.750 mm 2.000 mm 2.500 mm
  • V-form 145°: vertical wires 8,0 / 9,0 mm, cross wire 6 x 15 mm
  • spacers: 4 x 245 mm high-grade steel
  • mesh height: 250 mm
  • mesh width: 35 mm


  • long duration and high resistance to any weather conditions
  • good stability through an approved static (a solid foundation is recommended)
  • high economically efficiency, because of the quick mounting on-site
  • little space requirements
  • many creative possibilities, semi-natural optic
  • no maintenance costs


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