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The iGGgab WDK a factory-fillable wire basket consists of four single walls, which are made of electronically, spot-welded grids. These grids consist of horizontally aligned flat wire, which is crossed by vertically placed round wire. This special construction provides high stiffness combined with a great resistance against deformation.

The wire baskets neither need to be secured by eyes or brackets, nor are wire loops for the mounting or lifting gear necessary, because the static of the wire basket construction possesses enough stabilitiy. As lifting gear, a customary four chain sling (with a minimum length of 3 m) is sufficient, which should be at every construction firm´s disposal. To mount the four chain sling, simply fasten the eight in the delivery included band loops at the corner of the upper grid construction (two each corner) and hang them into the eye book of the chain sling. For an exact shift, we recommend the use of a traverse. The grid at the bottom of the wire basket also consists of horizontally aligned flat wire, which crosses the vertically placed round wire. The round wires are angled to prevent the movement of the bottom grid, when the basket is filled with stones.

The material and all of the parts of the basket (except for the cover-grid) are electronically spot-welded and only afterwards galvanized (according to DIN EN ISO 1461. This way is guaranteed, that all welding joints, cutting edges and drill holes are fully zinced. The galvanization passes the international salt-spray test of 1500 hours. The layer of the zinc-coat is 100 – 130 μ plating = 650 – 900 g/m².

type length x width x height m
111 1,0 x 1,0 x 1,0
115 1,0 x 1,0 x 0,5
151 1,0 x 0,5 x 1,0
155 1,0 x 0,5 x 0,5
551 0,5 x 0,5 x 1,0
555 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,5
1511 1,5 x 1,0 x 1,0

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iGGgab WDK

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