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River mattresses 

iGGgab river mattresses are a special form of stone baskets that possess an extensive and flat form. They consist of cabled, galvanized, steel-wire with hexagon meshes (diameter 2.2 mm) with a mesh size of 60 to 80 mm.

The basic element consists of a solid metal mesh with a divider mechanically placed each meter, shaping a multicellular container. The dividers stabilize the basket and make the fitting easier this way.

The cover is manufactured and delivered separatly, but consists of the same metal meshes like the basic element. The basic element and the cover are framed with a thicker wire, just like the stone baskets, which stabilizes the container and provides an easy fitting. It is also possible to use a metal mesh with rollers for the closing of the cover at bigger consturctions.

One of the biggest advantages of the iGGgab river mattresses is their flexibilitiy, thanks to the hexagon metal meshes that allow movement to all directions. This quality is important for all constructions near or in the water, because the foundation soil will oftentimes be unstable and the container must last water streaming and flooding. The metal mash of the stone baskets will simply absorb the tensions and compressive stresses.

The iGGgab river mattresses are very beneficial at sea- and riverbanks -especially cutbanks- and will work under and above the average water line alike. The mattresses will protect, overflowable dams, bridge abutments as well as supply lines under the river bottom.

  • low maintenance cost
  • easy mounting, that does not require skilled workers
  • spacing material can oftentimes be found nearby
  • if the ground is able to take a load and is level, there is no need for further preparation-works
  • iGGgab river mattresses support the renaturalization of riverbanks and that way perfectly blind into their surroundings
  • the design of river mattresses provides precious biotopes and plants and animals
length (m)  width (m)  height (m)   wire diameter mesh type 6 x 8 cm
3,0 2,0




thick zinc-coated or
galvanized ∅ 2,2 mm

 galvan and
plastic coated

∅ int. 2,2 mm 

∅ ext. 3,2 mm


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iGGgab river mattresses

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