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Gabions and Stone Fences

The iGGgab QUADRO facade system is 15 cm deep and consists of electrically spot-welded steel wire screen mats with frame wire. The front panel is optionally available in the mesh sizes 5 x 10 cm (wire diameter: 4.5 mm, system "packed") or 2.5 x 10 cm (wire diameter: alternating 6.0 and 3.5 mm, system "poured").

The modular design of the iGGgab QUADRO facade system ensures a quick and easy installation on site. The connection of the screen mats takes place with C-rings.

The iGGgab QUADRO facade system is used, for example, for cladding concrete or sheet pile walls. Elaborate reconstruction measures in advance are not necessary. The iGGgab QUADRO facade system can either serve as a complete wall cladding or be attached to certain areas of the wall. Great creative freedom also results from the use of different filling materials.


Gabion facades are filled with natural stones and can withstand extreme climatic conditions as well as strong temperature fluctuations. In addition to a visual enhancement, the iGGgab QUADRO facade system also serves to protect the wall from the effects of the weather.

Material and surface:

All steel parts are special aluminum-galvanized and have a corrosion resistance of at least 3,000 hours proven by a salt spray test (DIN 50021-SS). The steel wire has a tensile strength of 450 - 600 N / mm².


  • depth 15 cm
  • easy installation
  • high quality
  • various design options
  • weatherproof
  • durable
  • front panel available in 2 mesh sizes


Product flyer:

iGGgab Quadro facade product

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