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Gabions and Stone Fences

Bag gabion 

The iGGgab bag gabion or stone-rolls are cylindrical containers, which consist of cabled, galvanized, steel-wire grind with hexagon meshes. They are manufactured in one piece. Afterwards they are folded and 50 units are clustered together, clenched and chained with binding wire. The binding wire for the closure of the iGGgab bag gabions is delivered on separate rolls.

River mattresses 

iGGgab river mattresses are a special form of stone baskets that possess an extensive and flat form. They consist of cabled, galvanized, steel-wire with hexagon meshes (diameter 2.2 mm) with a mesh size of 60 to 80 mm.

The basic element consists of a solid metal mesh with a divider mechanically placed each meter, shaping a multicellular container. The dividers stabilize the basket and make the fitting easier this way.

The cover is manufactured and delivered separatly, but consists of the same metal meshes like the basic element. The basic element and the cover are framed with a thicker wire, just like the stone baskets, which stabilizes the container and provides an easy fitting. It is also possible to use a metal mesh with rollers for the closing of the cover at bigger consturctions.


The wire basket of the iGGgab MVS consists of cabled, steel-wire grid with hexagon meshes. This leads to a high flexibility of the basket, while the grids can bear a tensing strength up to 49 kN/m. The mesh size of the grid is 8 to 10 cm and the meshes are aligned vertically. The diameter of the wire is 3.0 mm in general and 3.9 mm at the edges of the grid. The wire is thickgalvanized (according to DIN EN ISO 1461 with a minimum zinc-coat of 275 g/m²), galfan- and plastic-coated.


The iGGgab WDK a factory-fillable wire basket consists of four single walls, which are made of electronically, spot-welded grids. These grids consist of horizontally aligned flat wire, which is crossed by vertically placed round wire. This special construction provides high stiffness combined with a great resistance against deformation.


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