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Gabions and Stone Fences

Bag gabion 

The iGGgab bag gabion or stone-rolls are cylindrical containers, which consist of cabled, galvanized, steel-wire grind with hexagon meshes. They are manufactured in one piece. Afterwards they are folded and 50 units are clustered together, clenched and chained with binding wire. The binding wire for the closure of the iGGgab bag gabions is delivered on separate rolls.

The iGGgab bag gabions can be used to build a stable foundation in river beds or to secure riverbanks. The biggest advantage of the iGGgab bag gabions is their enormous flexibility. It allows them to level the ground wherever they are placed, and this way the undermost layer of the gabions will stabilize the ones above. This quality is especially valuable in projects of water engineering.

Before mounting, the panels are unfolded and reshaped to their original form. The pre-manufactured net is rolled to a cylindrical form, so that the side walls interleave. Through tightening of the lateral spiral wires, the edges become more stable. After the correct overlapping is secured, one side of the cylinder can be closed, while the other end is left open to fill the back gabion. After the net is filled up with stones, the upper ends of the spiral wires are fastened.

  • length: 2.0 m
  • width: 0,65 m
  • volume: 0,66 m³
  • mesh type: 8 x 10 cm, thick zinc-coated or galvanized
  • weight: 8.8 kg per piece
  • Other lengths: on request
  • low maintenance costs
  • easy mounting, that does not require skilled workers
  • spacing material can oftentimes be found nearby
  • no special foundation is needed, for the bag gabions themselves function as a foundation
  • bag gabions support the renaturalization of riverbanks and that way perfectly blind into their surroundings
  • the bag gabions can be combined with willow-sticks and that way their ecological efficiency can be improved even further
  • the design of gabions provides precious biotopes for plants and animals

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iGGgab bag gabions

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