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The iGGgab ABACUS trash bin box consists of the basic elements of the ABACUS stone-fence-system. The distinction of the trash bin box is its solid appearance, without optical disruptions, like brackets or screws. The wire baskets blend in with their surroundings and offer optimal visual protection. The lean (approx. 25 cm wide) and linear structure offers a smart method for separation, by minimum space requirements. The basic version provides space for 3 trash bins with a volume of 120 liter, but can easily be extended, if needed.


The iGGgab ABACUS trash bin box is mounted directly on-site, which makes the construction fairly easy and offers a variety of possibilities in designing stone and color schemes. The special fence posts are barely visible and are placed on concrete spot-foundations. The grids are secured with sticks on both sides of the fence post. No tools are needed to mount the wire fences, for the sticks can simply be slid-in through openings at the far end of the grids. Spacers that are placed in between the grids prevent a buckling of the construction through the filling stones.

Technical specifications:

  • external length: 2.540 mm
  • external width: 1.256 mm
  • internal width: 1.970 mm
  • internal depth: 1.006 mm
  • wire diameter of grids: 4,0 / 6,0 mm x 15 mm hot-dip galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461)
  • fence post profile: 250 x 70 mm, in V-form 145° hot-dip galvanized (DIN EN ISO 1461)
  • fence post length: 2.000 mm (other heights on request)
  • spacer: 4 x 245 mm high-graide steel
  • vertical wires: 8,0 mm
  • horizontal wires: 6 x 15 mm
  • mesh height: 250 mm
  • mesh width: 35 mm


  • durable visual and wind protection for trash bins
  • good stability through an approved static (a solid foundation of curbs is recommended)
  • high economically efficiency, because of the quick mounting on-site
  • little space requirements
  • many creative possibilities
  • semi-natural optic
  • no maintenance costs


Product flyer:

iGGgab ABACUS-trash-bin-box

Technical data sheets:

iGGgab Abacus trash bin box

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