We are glad to introduce our broad range of interesting new products to you this year again.
In addition to pre-cultivated vegetation mats and pre-cultivated coir rolls which have been newly added to our price list, our seed line was expanded by three types.
Moreover, we can now offer you already partially pre-mounted and especially easy to setup iGGgab QUADRO assembly set-gabion that is optionally also available with a matching bench seat set.

iGGmat vegetation mat

vorkultivierte Röhrichtmatte 2 


The iGGmat vegetation mat is a pre-cultivated coir fiber mat in the shape of a coir pillow filled with coir fibers.
They are used whenever erosion protection fabrics or mats only cannot be applied due to seasonal or vegetational reasons.
This is especially the case when a quick securing of an embankment or foothill is desired with already pre-cultivated and completely grown vegetation mats with plants of the shore and reed bed zone.

iGGlog pre-cultivated coir roll

Walzen in Schönthal 16.12.2015 ausgeschnitten1


For the iGGlog pre-cultivated coir-rolls, processed coir fibers are shaped into a roll in a netted tube made of PP-yarn and planted with 7-10 plants per meter and pre-cultivated for one vegetation period. The reed bed plants are solidly grown into the fabric and have completely rooted into the coir fibers. The application of iGGlog pre-cultivated coir rolls achieves a quick and secure plant settlement of the embankment area, for example for structures with scouring or under-washing or wooded banks.

iGGvital seeds

iGG 8195


The selection of a site-appropriate seed is a crucial factor for the success of a greening project.
That is why we have added three additional types of seed to our standard assortment this year.
We can promptly deliver these to you from our warehouse in Schmallenberg.
In addition, we naturally also gladly offer special seeds for your construction plans and will advise you in selecting the appropriate seed.

iGGgab QUADRO assembly set-gabion

iGGgab Quadro Bausatz Gabione Projektfoto 2 1000x667 2015 05 02


The iGGgab QUADRO assembly set-gabion Type CS is already pre-mounted as far as possible with C-rings and can easily be set up within a short amount of time without any prior extensive experience.
It is an ideal eye-catcher for the private garden and can also serve as a retaining wall or raised-bed for example. Moreover, the iGGgab Quadro assembly set-gabion Type CS can be used as the base for a table or bench.
We also offer a matching bench set with Douglas fir wood that includes the necessary assembly materials.

iGGgab QUADRO welded mesh
mesh width 5 x 5 cm

igg igggab quadro gabionensystem 5x5 geschnitten



Our frequently tried and tested gabion system iGGgab QUADRO is now also available with a mesh width of 5 x 5 cm.
Numerous new design possibilities result from combining the mesh widths of 10 x 10 cm and 5 x 10 cm.
In addition, now rocks of the size 60/80 mm may be used, which simplifies the proper filling of the gabions.
The available mesh sizes are (length x width): 50 x 50 cm, 100 x 50 cm and 100 x 100 cm.

iGGroof green roof-system

NL Emst Veluwsebron 22


Our new iGGroof green roof-system is an innovative system solution for a green roof, which can be installed completely in only a few, simply executed work steps.
The optimized three-layer setup allows for greening of different structures, ranging from a carport to complex residential or commercial real estate.

We recommend using the iGGroof green roof-system for roofs with an incline of up to maximum 10°.

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